On the calmness of blogs

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On reading blogs

I am enjoying a renewed interest in reading blogs again. After the last time I posted a link to a blog post some said “you don’t have an RSS” and I’m trying to fix my bespoke site builder.

In the mean time, I’m reading blogs in netnewswire app, and it is lot more calm to read blogs. It is absolutely peaceful to be able to read a blog like this (below), use the keyboard and to navigate between the entries. Yeah.

a blog entry being read in NNN
a blog entry being read in NNN

The above snapshot is from technically a blog | nicole@web, which I found to be quite good, after reading a couple of blog entries. e.g: Coding with LLMs can lead to more and better software | nicole@web – this take concurs with my own on the use of LLMs for programming.

You can download my OPML file here – https://www.btbytes.com/feeds.opml, if you want to see what blogs are on them, take a peak at the same OPML rendered as HTML using This Script. I need to curate this list. Some of the blogs are no longer active, and I am keeping them around as a bookmark of sorts. (eg: the first one - “70MM” is a blog of my former colleague, and co-alumni of PESIT - Ravikiran).


I Found a printout of a Indian Philosophy paper titled “mīmāṁsa”. There is no author’s name on the paper though it has many references and densely typed at 7 full pages. Likely I printed it from some blog, and from the looks of it, it has travelled with me from the US in my backpack. I shall upload it after scanning. I wonder if it is from Dr Elisa Freschi.

A paper on mimamsa
A paper on mimasa, trying to indentify who the author is.

Two haircuts

Went to the Forum mall in Konanakunte Cross for a haircut. Walked into Tony and Guy as it was closest the entrance. After a haircut, hair-colour ( covering grey), and a shave, I walked out with a bill of Rs. 3128. Tipped the hairdresser Rs.200. Tipping the hairdresser is something practiced in the US, and I don’t mind tipping them here esp in chain establishments for a good service; they also likely receive a salary and some extra cash will brighten their day. I could have probably done the same for half or less in other places,.. so yeah, two haircuts.

Interesting Reads

In Defense of the Midwest | nicole@web – all well known points, to which I agree. But, it is part of the personality for many on the coasts to dislike the midwest, plus the sheer numbers on the coastal cities drowns out any reasonable takes like this by people who actually live in and love The Midwest. My favourite of course is Carmel, IN :)

Isaac Saul on the recent Israel news – does a good job of explaining what is a very complex subject. I learnt a few things, specifically the ham-handed approach of the Europeans and the British - something to read about. archive