Breakfast an hour away

My first visit the popular Rameshwaram cafe in another part of the city to meet an old friend

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First visit to “The Rameshwaram Café”

Met Satchit after 18 years. We used to work together at ZeOmega. We met at Rajajinagar The Rameshwaram Cafe on Rajkumar Road.

Walked from Sandal Soap Metro Stn to the Cafe. It took an hour to walk-metro-walk to the place from home. It had rained heavily last night and the roads were still wet. One kind of nice weathers in Bengaluru. Good for walking, and sipping coffee (ಕಾಫೀ ಕುಡಿಯೋದಕ್ಕಿಂತ, ಹೀರೋದೇ ಮಜಾ).

I had Ghee Sambhar Button Idly, Ghee Pudi Khara Bhath and two coffees. Coffee could be better. They don’t give sugar mixed coffee, you can add white or brown sugar provided on the counter.

The Rameshwaram Cafe in Rajajinagara
The Rameshwaram Cafe in Rajajinagar
The Rameshwaram Cafe in Rajajinagara
Ghee Sambhar Button Idly
The Rameshwaram Cafe in Rajajinagara
Food ordering Kiosk
The Rameshwaram Cafe in Rajajinagara
Menu. puḍi is spelled pudi, not podi; poda.

Satchit mentioned The Yak Collective by VGR

The Yak Collective is an online space for collaborative tinkering. We do this by creatively curating a slow-lane, long-term temporal orientation. If you want to muddle away slowly but steadily at a 10-year goal, this is a place for you. It is a space where you can work with others on gardening your indie or weekends-and-evenings life in collaboration with others who share some of your priorities/interests.  it’s mostly up to you to wander in, introduce yourself, look around, say hello to old friends, make new friends, find something interesting to do, and start doing it. …. Read More


If you are not sure if you are making progress, log what exactly you are doing, so that over time you can see the progress. I use an alfred app workflow that makes entries into an obsidian note set to today’s date.

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I continued to read Die Broke on the Metro. 1/3 way in.

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