Pradeep Gowda

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This is the blog/notebooks/online-presence of Pradeep Gowda

I was born in Bangalore, and went to school (Banashankari Vidya Peetha, 1-4; Vijaya High School, 5-10; National College Jayanagar, PUC) and college (PESIT/Bangalore University, Mechanical Engineering) there.

I was fascinated by programming around the time I started college, and soon it was complemented by then nascent Open Source movement. I have learnt various programming languages on my own, but my goldilocks language is python.

I moved to USA, specifically the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel in 2008. I got a Masters Degree (MSCS) in Computer Science from Purdue University, Indianapolis.

I’m married to Nayan Pai, and we have two children.

Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI and Large Language Models


Interesting Programming Languages, specifically OCaml Programming Language


Yakshaves, Unfinished Projects, Tufte Course notes - my notes from attending Edward Tufte's one day workshop in Chicago; Aug, 2013

Bibliogrpahic entries of various papers referenced on this website.


How do I spell my name phonetically? using the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.

Daily Habit Tracker to generate a PDF that you can use maintain streak(s).

Looking for a bare HTML Template to write a web page with decent typography, and centered layout?


A transcription of B. M. Srikantiah's The Improvement of Kanarese speech from 1911