Train to Mysuru

A trip to mysuru

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Visiting Mysuru (Mysore). Took the “Rajya Rani” express from Bengaluru to Mysore Jn. Walking from Kempegowda metro stn (Majestic) to Platform 5 of the KSR Railway station took about 11 minutes. From Silk Institute to the train is about 40-45 minutes max.

The difference between the cleanliness of the metro and the railway station is stark. The railway station is lot more cleaner than it used to be years ago, but nowhere near Metro.

Arrived in Mysuru at 2:10pm about 10 minutes later than original schedule.

statues in front of the Mysuru Stn East Gate

(statues in front of the Mysuru Stn East Gate)

Had lunch at Hotel RRR. Staying with my friend H.S. and his family in Mysuru in Vijayanagar.

Saw Kuvempu’s Mysore home - “udayaravi”, which apparently is occupied by his daugher.

Planning to climb Chamundeshvari betta (hill) tomorrow early A.M.

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