Yak Shaves

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how many shaves can a yak save if a yak could yak

Yakshaves – my space of collecting ideas for tinkering in various stages.

Inspired by yakshav.es which I made a note of in 2017 - for the name, and yak collective for the idea of tinkering.

If you want to collaborate on any of these ideas, please reach out to me on twitter or email .


  1. 2023-09-14. kindergarten - fork of “A high-frequency word assessment for kindergarteners and their parents” . I want to make a Kannada version of this website.
  2. 2023-10-01. Freely available Text To Speech trained model for Kannada on the lines of Thorsten Voice .
    1. See nanna dhani 2023-10-09
    2. see https://tts.bhashini.ai
  3. 2023-10-09. “Most popular 5000 words Kannada dictionary”.
    1. How do we decide what are the most popular 5000 words?
  4. 2023-10-11 A general “blog-to-book” software that is known to work for the famous blogging platforms like blogger, movabletype and wordpress. The idea is to make books out of long-running ( ran? )blogs into ebooks and maybe even printable books. some candidates are livingfrugal (thousands of blogposts; a stress tester), “the last psychiatrist” (discontinued since ’14), and Dr Elisa Freschi ’s blog etc
  5. 2023-10-11 “Email to blog”. There is used to be a service like that was funded by YC. I wonder what happened to it.
  6. 2023-10-12 More workflows around using bbedit as text automation… or maybe even boop
  7. 2023-11-13 my own custom scripts to implement the idea behind mdn note . Maybe something like raku

See also unfinished-projects .