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Yakshaves – my space of collecting ideas for tinkering in various stages.

Inspired by yakshav.es which I made a note of in 2017 - for the name, and yak collective for the idea of tinkering.

If you want to collaborate on any of these ideas, please reach out to me on twitter or email.


  1. 2023-09-14. kindergarten - fork of “A high-frequency word assessment for kindergarteners and their parents” . I want to make a Kannada version of this website.
  2. 2023-10-01. Freely available Text To Speech trained model for Kannada on the lines of Thorsten Voice.
    1. See nanna dhani 2023-10-09
    2. see https://tts.bhashini.ai
  3. 2023-10-09. “Most popular 5000 words Kannada dictionary”.
    1. How do we decide what are the most popular 5000 words?
  4. 2023-10-11 A general “blog-to-book” software that is known to work for the famous blogging platforms like blogger, movabletype and wordpress. The idea is to make books out of long-running ( ran? )blogs into ebooks and maybe even printable books. some candidates are livingfrugal (thousands of blogposts; a stress tester), “the last psychiatrist” (discontinued since ’14), and Dr Elisa Freschi’s blog etc
  5. 2023-10-11 “Email to blog”. There is used to be a service like that was funded by YC. I wonder what happened to it.
  6. 2023-10-12 More workflows around using bbedit as text automation… or maybe even boop
  7. 2023-11-13 my own custom scripts to implement the idea behind mdn note. Maybe something like raku
  8. 2024-02-27 OPML Servcie – an online application that allows cleaning up, and publishing .opml files as HTML. Optionally provide a decent enough XSL file that renders the OPML file well. Also an editor that reformats the OPML file and allows quick editing of entries into categories, add missing attributes etc.
  9. 2024-03-31 Publishing Apple Notes as a Website

See also unfinished-projects.