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Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Mar 30, 2024

Notes about this website. See also: Colophon


  • fix the twitter:username pre processor
  • make notebook templates simpler
  • implement linking to wikilinks#ID real
  • implement link^block style linking from obsidian work with the HTML parser
  • Should probably make this into a nix thing … trying


Consider Paul Graham’s index page. While his front page is minimal, the site contains many, self-contained, indpendent pages. Eg: 1974 Porsche 911 Models. Currently, I’m writing all pages (only under / directory) into allpages.xml. However, this can be presented better. Perhaps multi column or even multi page pagination?

this and this are a nice look for long form articles.

“The landing page of http://deconstructconf.com is now 99 kb gzipped in a single HTTP request. It contains sixteen images and one font. Greetings. The titles are all SVGs automatically traced from generated bitmaps.”via.

That is a nifty way to generate title images that are scalable.