Tpot on the terrace

generative ai meetup at Bengaluru

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Attended “tpot on the terrace”1 yesterday(2023-10-27) with a bunch of twitter folks. The theme was people working with Generative AI. Pratik Desai who is is building organized the event.

It was a BYOB (Buy Your Own Beer) (ie., not a sponsored event 😀) at Shakesbierre on Brigade Rd. It had been a while since I had gone to MG Road and thereabouts in recent years. I took the metro to M.G. Road, and walked to the venue to Shakesbierre on Brigade Rd.

Brigade road is “happening” as it used to when I was a college kids. Lots of college aged people. The Rex theatre has been replaced by another new cine complex. There was a band covering Backstreet boys across from there. On the way way back, I even saw a couple “busking” with a guitar and a portable sound system. I guess it is to be expected to happen there more than anywhere else in Blr.

The brewpub is on the 5th, 6th and the roof of the building, with Decathlon occupying the ground floor. Interestingly, they have converted the front yard to a batting/playing cage to throw ball, play cricket etc.

tpot on the terrace
tpot on the terrace at ShakesBierre, Brigade Rd, Bengaluru
I met a few different groups of people working on various GenAI related things.
who was at the meetup

Overall a great way to meet like minded people to talk tech, special interests, and always a great time to enjoy good Bengaluru evenings on the terrace.

The “70hours” discourse also happened this week ;)

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  1. TPOT = This Part Of Twitter↩︎