Wednesday, November 15 2023

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I should go back to doing weekly. I often do not have enough to say on a daily basis. and after looking at, entries (eg: 124), The headings, and the links, etc are what I do anyway.

Maybe I should even do a “newsletter” using buttondown

From around the web

Career Notes from Niranth

The above two makes me think that i need collect My favourite 100 Essays.

Cooking up a slow TV treat in an Azerbaijan village retreat – Aze.Media via avataram. He also recommended two books

  1. Pioneering Portfolio Management: An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment by David Swensen, Yale Endowment’s longtime manager
  2. Unconventional Success for retail investors by David Swensen

Richard Nixon on Purpose; Youtube #inspiration

Express, hone, defend, and sharpen your ideas in public. inspired by and similar tweets by DylanoA4, and oldbooksguy

Nietzsche gave lectures. Emerson gave lectures. Will Durant? Lectures. Dale Carnegie, Thomas Carlyle, Jordan Peterson…all found their voice, worked out their worldview, and sharpened their message in public lectures. Message in there.