2015 Journal

Updated: 2018-02-20 by Pradeep Gowda.

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Active-watching video lectures and talks

Begriffs.com by Joe Nelson is an interesting blog, he often transcribes vides of talks (e.g: Learning Real Haskell Incrementally). This is an active way of watching videos. You get to capture what you heard/saw + perhaps correlate with what you already know, provide additional references and capture any “next actions” that might occur to you.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Structuring a PwL talk

“A brief history of chain replication” talk by cmeik appears to be a good example of how to structure a “Papers we love” talk.

While the format is somewhat familiar to anyone who was asked to a paper survey presentation, it is still good to see a presentation that is well put together (I haven’t watched the video, if there was one).

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Visit to IKEA

Visited the Cincinnati IKEA. Apart from all the Swedish words, many other things also make this place seem “European” (or at the least, not-American) – the attention to “family” (childcare, family dining places, bottle warmers for infants, play area in the dining area) and sweets that are delicious instead of “cloyingly sweet”.

With a new IKEA store coming up in Indianapolis suburb in 2017, I wonder if we will still make the annual road trip to Cincinnati. The road trip is a nice break, not too far enough to be straining, yet far enough to soak in some silence ;)

We were disappointed that Brijmohan (pronounced “bridge-moe-hun”) Indian sweets was closed for the holidays. At least 30% intent of the our road trip was to eat at Brijmohan :(. We considered going to Amma’s kitchen, a south-Indian vegetarian place, but the prospect of delaying the journey home with an infant in the back seat was not very appealing, esp for “just South Indian food”. As they say in the “Naarth”, “the home-made chicken dish is the same as simple lentils”.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Org-Simple CSS

I made a simple CSS theme for use with Org-HTML export.