LaTeX typesetting system

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See also: PGF/Tikz, ConTeXt

Once you get past the initial hesitation of using LaTeX, you encounter all kinds of shiny latex packages others have written. Often, this can be a road block in going from familiar to proficient territory. See this discussion on Stackoverflow for pointers. This talks about how to use package managers, texmf tree, file system locations and one practical example.


How-tos and cookbooks

Highlight text in LaTeX

  1. Use packages color and soul.
\hl{this is some highlighted text}
  1. Package minted provides syntax highlighting using the Pygments library. Highlighted source code can be customized using fancyvrb.

Style files .sty

Why use .sty files?



Nice compact template

LaTeX with acmart 2018/05/09 v1.54 Typesetting articles for the Association for Computing Machinery, modified to add a ‘nonacm’ option – see You may obtain the source of this modified version at, and the original version at and hyperref 2018/02/06 v6.86b Hypertext links for LaTeX

Gemini: A Modern LaTeX Poster Theme · cat /var/log/life; github.


cdlm/sbabook: Layout & typography for LaTeX books using the memoir document class – used by writing many Smalltalk programming books by Stéphane Ducasse :: Free Online Books