Monday, 2022-10-10 to Sunday, 2022-10-16

Interesting Things

Found in a discussion about Obsidian‘s 1.0 release on HN. The Collection type arrangement is nice.

Notenik new collection options

See also: Note Taking page; added a few note taking apps.

“No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life.” – Nietzsche on How to Find Yourself and the True Value of Education – The Marginalian

[2210.05189] Neural Networks are Decision Trees

“In this manuscript, we show that any neural network having piece-wise linear activation functions can be represented as a decision tree. The representation is equivalence and not an approximation, thus keeping the accuracy of the neural network exactly as is. This equivalence shows that neural networks are indeed interpretable by design and makes the black-box understanding obsolete. We share equivalent trees of some neural networks and show that besides providing interpretability, tree representation can also achieve some computational advantages. The analysis holds both for fully connected and convolutional networks, which may or may not also include skip connections and/or normalizations.”

Bro IDS is now known as zeek; came to know it via this announcement – Zeek is Now a Component of Microsoft Windows.


Added a post on Wolfram Engine.

Yes, Lisp is useful for DevOps and automation - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻


Cloudflare’s “free” plan has quite a few goodies. I turned it on for both The S3 compatible R2 object storage also looks good. I might use that to store static assets.

The email forwarding feature is also very nice.

The UNIX Pipe Card Game

the unix pipe card game


Added notebook pages: Note Taking, This I Believe, Space Repetition.