Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Jul 06, 2023 Tagged: css · jekyll

Jekyll_960, is a powered template for Jekyll

This template gives you, a fine CSS framework for your Jekyll powered website/blog. Since this template started out as a template for my programming blog, I wanted to keep the layout clean and simple and keep the focus on the content.

Good looking code.

Programming code should be set in monospace font for maximum readability, because code is read more often than written. This post by Dan Benjamin pointed me to a clean, open source (to be released under OpenFontLicense) font – Inconsolata.

I wanted to use a neat sans-serif font for the headings. I like the Museo Sans. However, the font cannot be redistributed. While searching for a free and open source font, I came across the recently open sourced Droid fonts. The font is fairly new and has a “geek” cred to it.

The source can be downloaded here: