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Feb 27, 2018

Older stuff (moved from

App/code Description Technology
pyOFC2 is a Python library to generate data files for Open Flash Chart 2. This is a standalone library and can be used with a python web framework of your choice. See DjPyOFC2_demo for use of PyOFC2 with Django Python, Flash, JSON Static website generator. Python, textile, markdown2, pygments
Erlang sandbox Code I'm writing to learn Erlang. Solutions to a few problems from Project Euler can be found here. Erlang
G App Sites Web-app to catalog/show-off sites. Wrote it as a tutorial app for my PyOhio presentation. Python, Google App Engine, YUI Grids.
Teh Blog app using Google App engine. Read more.... Python, GAE, Django
GrokPaste pastebin application written using Grok/Zope3 technologies. Read more.... Python, Grok
Donita Tutorial on using Django to develop a simple todo app using AJAX techniques. Read more Python, Django, jQuery, com/programming/ann Blueprintcss

Code snippets

A collection of snippets that I consider to be useful are: notes/gist and The uncurated list is —

Project Euler

| I have solved a few problems out of 190 or so mathematical problems available on Project Euler in Python. | Try solving these problems to sharpen your math and programming skills. Another exercise is to solve the same problem using different programming languages. I have observed that Functional programming techniques are very valuable while solving these problems.

Apps with source code

Simple applications written to explore/demonstrate new web frameworks like Django/Grok/Pylons/Google AppEngine.

The Quote Server. Written using Python/Pylons, Elixir, Mako templating. (Inactive)

Python Recipes

Pylons Recipes

Django Snippets(feed)


I found the above 4 links from my old (now deleted) wikidot site from 2007/8.