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LightVM - Systems and Machine Learning

We achieve lightweight VMs by using unikernels for specialized applications and with Tinyx, a tool that enables creating tailor-made, trimmed-down Linux virtual machines. LightVM can boot a VM in 2.3ms which comparable to fork/exec on Linux (1ms), and two orders of magnitude faster than Docker. On a somewhat slower server with 64 cores, LightVM can pack thousands of VMs with memory and CPU usage comparable to that of processes


HermiTux | A binary-compatible unikernel; Apr 2019.

HermiTux is binary-compatible with Linux: it can run native Linux executables.

Although being a proof-of-concept, HermiTux supports multiple compiled (C, C++, Fortran) and interpreted (Python, LUA) languages. It provides binary analysis and rewriting techniques to optimize system call latency and modularize a kernel in the presence of unmodified binaries. It supports statically and dynamically linked programs, different compilers and optimization levels. HermiTux also provides basic support for multithreading, debugging and profiling.


solo-io/unik: The Unikernel Compilation and Deployment Platform

UniK (pronounced you-neek) is a tool for compiling application sources into unikernels (lightweight bootable disk images) rather than binaries. UniK runs and manages instances of compiled images across a variety of cloud providers as well as locally on Virtualbox. UniK utilizes a simple docker-like command line interface, making building unikernels as easy as building containers.

Unik supports the following unikernel types:

And supports the following providers:

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dysinger/restack: Full Stack ReasonML Tutorials

This is a tutorial series on using the ReasonML language to build MirageOS unikernels and user-facing applications with tools like Reason-React. Using the same language for the entire stack is appealing. You’ll likely be able to stay in one editor, become very familiar with the syntax, and share common code between the layers of your application.