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A 17th-century font in a 21st-century thesis - Lin Yangchen

The Futures of Typography


Designing with Ghosts - Great Minds of Design - watch free online documentaries - ihavenotv.com

Making fonts

Rek Bell — making a font “… I decided to learn how to make a font to use in my comic”


Inclusive Sans by Olivia King, a text font designed for accessibility and readability. See also Atkinson Hyperlegible designed for “greater legibility and readability for low vision readers”, and andika, “a sans-serif font family designed and optimized especially for literacy use. It supports almost the complete range of Unicode characters for these scripts, including a comprehensive range of diacritics and a large set of symbols useful for linguistics and literacy work.”, and cadman – “I have two friends who are dyslexic and they both expressed the need for a clear and legible font so I made one.”

See also: latex, context