Scalable Vector Graphics

Updated: Nov 25, 2019 by Pradeep Gowda.

Notes on SVG.

Cool stuff

SVG Editors

D3 blogs etc.,

Extract SVG

Python libraries


good Python API for drawing SVG primitives.


draw mathematical figures in SVG. its usefulness lies somewhere between freehand drawing programs, which don’t give you quantitative control over your figures, and traditional plotting packages, which fit your data into a prescribed template. SVGFig allows you to draw anything you can express in Python.

SVGFig also maintains a convenient representation of SVG images as Python constructs, so you can load graphics from SVG files, dissect them, manipulate them with an automated script, and save them in batch. - 3D Wireframes in SVG

Javascript libraries

The above svg was generated using the following command:

brew install imagemagick potrace && convert -background transparent -fill '#fff' -density 2400 label:'GREETINGS' -geometry '+200+200' bmp:- | potrace --tight --invert --color '#000000' --svg > title.svg