Some notes and links on Static Site Generators (SSG).

A “hello world” program for the 2010’s (and 2020s).


The understated innovation of static site generators

Smaller Static Sites with New Formats - 2022. Optimizing Fonts, Images etc using newer formats and tools.

Elements Of a Great Markup Language

”… static site generator which takes a bunch of input documents, a custom conversion script, and outputs a bunch of HTML files.”

Desktop SSG

Publii - Open-Source CMS for Static Site

Static site generators

jemdoc – light text-based markup language designed for creating websites. Based on Asciidoc. Has LaTeX support for math, but the equations are rendered as static images, not MathJax etc.,. Appears to be popular with academics.

JBake - Java based open source static site/blog generator – this is actually surprisingly smooth.

nuex/zodiac: A static website generator written in awk and sh.

Makefile-Based Static Website Generator

Makefile and discount powered blog

Static site generator with rsync and lowdown - Roman Zolotarev [SSG]

kambrium/dssg: A static site generator written in D

sysgears/grain: Static Web Site Building Framework For Groovy that uses ASCIIdoctor

Static site generators need less rigid content APIs | Hacker News

Hammer for Mac 6.9 - Available Now

jeremycw/mfbg: Mother F*ing Blog Generator – a Makefile + pandoc.

Home - Styx Static Site Generator – The Purely Functional Static Site Generator. Styx is a functional static site generator based on the Nix package manager.

srid/rib-sample: Sample site for the Rib static site generator

Pelican 4.2.0 — Pelican 4.2.0 documentation with m.css looks very good.

bastibe/org-static-blog: A static site generator using org-mode

Headless SSG


Examples of sites:

Commenting systems

Not exactly SSG

Crazy / Fun static site generators