Write your way to greatness

Updated: Dec 18, 2012 by Pradeep Gowda.

Write your way to great-ness

Great-ness here is not some ego maniacal desire to rule over people/things/whatever. It is a place that in some sense is better than the current one. Sometime even if that means being aware of where one stands.

For far too long, I’ve held back from writing through my thoughts and see where they lead. The metaphorical waste basket full of rumpled notebook papers has always been empty. Its as though I desire validation of nebulous thoughts before they even hit paper.

I read somewhere that an essay is an argument with yourself. I picture this as pacing the room, stopping once in a while to scribble something on a post-in note, and sticking it on a wall. Once the pacing feels tiresome, you go around, pluck all the notes, and see if you can see a narration through them. If not, just crumple them, throw it in the wastebasket and go on with whatever else strikes your fancy.

Maybe this can be the ~resolution~ practice for 2020.