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a blogging platform built on a chat app

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Jul 02, 2024 Tagged: social-media

Summary: I like because it is a throwback to the pre-“comment-section” times of the internet. You write what you like, what you found elsewhere on the internet, because you found it interesting, because it is something you wanted to remember. Not “curating” anything, not building an audience, not shaping yourself into a “personality”.

I discovered Streams via judah. It is “a blogging platform built on a chat app”; you can create the account using telegram, and you can post from there. The Streams bot has commands like /info, /login etc.

Streams /info command
Streams /info command

You can customize the layout, and theme from the dashboard.

The “tweets” equivalent is called “drops”

They have an API, which can be used to provide an alternate front-end (e.g: host it on your own url, say:

The “Theme Editor” is quite fancy with a color-picker, fonts-picker and preview. They also have a set of layouts and themes you can select even before you try your hand at customizing the themes.

The “social” aspects of the streams is not pushed.. they don’t even show other streams by default. When you discover a new stream, you can subscribe to them, and the drops appear on your feed page. A lightweight RSS feed of sorts.

Finally, the data is yours to take with you with the /export command, which is also available at With this streams also ticks off my requirement of being able to take your data with you, and present it anyway you want (note: the couple of times, I tried to access the export endpoint, it did nothing and timed out. I’m going to reach out to Judah and see what can be done. update Jun 29, 2024: The Export works).