2023, week 09

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Monday, 2023-02-27 to Sunday, 2023-03-05

Satisfice Money, Maximize Freedom

genuine, passionate, creative, and soulful work really does rise to the top. But to produce that work consistently, you need to be relaxed, confident, joyful, and generous. And optimizing for money prohibits all of these creative virtues. It makes you tense, fearful, stressed, and selfish.

Satisfice money, maximize freedom.

The concept of satisficing was first introduced by the economist Herbert Simon in his 1947 book Administrative Behavior. A portmanteau of “satisfy” and “suffice,” the term describes a decision-making heuristic that saves time and energy by aiming for an adequate outcome rather than an optimal outcome.

Focus on taking pleasure in your craft. Hone your conviction in your vision. And count your blessings, for it’s a privilege to be called to your vocation (many would love to be, but are not). The ability to produce great work is not dependent on popularity or remuneration, but rather on the capacity to engage in deep thinking and generous, fearless, joyful experimentation. You simply cannot measure your success by likes or followers or money in the bank. You can reliably measure your success by how often you are consistently exercising genuine creative freedom. Rewards will follow, eventually, but only if you write them off at first.

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