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Alvin York … ” stormed a German machine gun nest by himself and was such a dead eye that 132 Germans surrendered to him just so he’d stop smoking them with headshots.” via

Tollense valley battlefield

My favorite archeologic discovery when it comes to ancient central Europe is the Tollense Valley Battle. Around 3300 years ago in central Europe two groups, estimated 4000 men total, have clashed on and around a 120 meters long stone bridge crossing the river and valley of Tollense. By the time those men engaged, this bridge was some 500 years old already, which means it was build 3800 years ago. This battle tells us that there were organized forces in central Europe thousands of years ago, and that there was important road going through the region that required construction and maintenance of such structure for this many years. But we currently have no idea who were those people or even what points of interests was this road supposed to connect. via HN

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