2022, week 46

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Monday, 2022-11-14 to Sunday, 2022-11-20

Lafferty Lost and Found | This Land Press - Made by You and Me; Neil Geiman’s favourite author. I found him searching for the word “Ktistec” through Ktistec activitypub server. R. A. Lafferty was a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa, OK came up in another context last night - Tulsa King, a TV series starting Sylvester Stallone.

Pick An Apple - Apple Rankings by The Appleist Brian Frange

Each apple is evaluated on a one hundred point scale broken down into nine categories. Each category is worth a maximum of ten points, aside from “TASTE” – which is weighted double, for a maximum of twenty points. As always, the points reflect each candidate as a “munching apple”.

Kanaye Nagasawa: The samurai who forever changed California - BBC Travel - “Smuggled out of Japan, he became the US’ first permanent Japanese resident and helped birth California’s wine industry.”