2022, week 44

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Monday, 2022-10-31 to Sunday, 2022-11-06

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Like many people on twitter this week, I’m also “looking” around for “mastodon” instances. I signed up for one on https://mastodon.sdf.org hosted by https://sdf.org where I’m a “lifetime member”. I don’t really see myself using mastodon much. I’d rather use something “fediverse/activitypub” enabled and run the software myself on a domain I control. What write.as provides is good enough for me, especially because I can run the “writefreely” instance on my own servers. The software is written in go, and for a one-person operation, it can be run off a sqlite database.

Write.as//writefreely creators also have code.as, a gitea instance. Has some interesting projects like: - writefreely/text-pic: Convert WriteFreely quotes to Instagram / PixelFed posts. - text-pic - code.as, - writeas/writeas-cli: Command line client for Write.as - writeas-cli - code.as, - matt/MMRA: Make Medium Readable Again - MMRA - code.as, and - htmlhouse/htmlhouse: Publish HTML quickly. - htmlhouse - code.as

Akkoma is a hard fork of Pleroma.


Giving Nushell a spin. Examples

RStudio is now known as posit.co.

thevahidal/soul: A SQLite REST and realtime server – takes an SQLite file and create CRUD endpoints for it. Written in node.js. somewhat in the same area as datasette. PocketBase was also mentioned in relation to this. See notes


Ink and Switch - research lab working in the space of computer human interactions - art, science, thinking, and self improvement. Creators of potluckdynamic documents as personal software”. For a second I thought it was a project by Linus. Also interesting - Automerge “local first applications” using CRDTs with Martin Kleppman.

Reminder: checkout Windows Dev kit 2023; via


Were Roman soldiers paid in salt? (No).

From around the internet

“Advice That Actually Worked For Me” {: .h3 }

advice - nabeelqu

  1. Maximize your baseline energy levels.
  2. Do the most important thing first thing in the morning, and don’t check social media until you’ve done it.
  3. Tell the right stories about yourself.
  4. Get in the habit of Fermi estimation, looking up key quantities, and using upper and lower bounds. Fermi estimation:estimating the rough order of magnitude of an unknown quantity using information that you already know.
  5. Write regularly, and learn to ‘think in writing’
  6. Do a weekly review
  7. Synthesize things as you read
  8. Map out problems using logic trees.

2022-11-06 Memod is a pinboard for ideas - book lists, summaries etc.,

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