2022, week 43

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Monday, 2022-10-24 to Sunday, 2022-10-30

From around the web

Via this tweet, I learnt about

  • Raycast “is a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more.”
  • Cron “is the next-generation calendar for professionals and teams.” How appropriately named.

Wiring my home with Fiber - Stefan Schüller

Network diagram, equipment, videos, Bill of Materials, and detailed instructions on how the installed fiber at home. Great DIY tutorial.

What’s on my mind

Probabilistic Decision Making

When you draw a decision to help you make decisions, can you attach probabilities the various paths? If you were able to do this, can you calculate the probability of the end goals (ie., leaf nodes). Is this well defined? If so, where can I learn how to use this as a mental model

Literature survey:

Internal vs External Validation


an overview of the P programming framework. P is a state machine-based programming language for modeling and specifying complex distributed systems. We will discuss how P is currently being used extensively inside Industry and Academia, addressing the challenges mentioned above. P is open-source.