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Monday, 2022-05-09 to Sunday, 2022-05-15

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Computer Programming with the Nim Programming Language

Introduction to programming using the Nim Programming Language. A textbook length online resource.

Dive into Systems

Dive into Systems is a free, online textbook that serves as a gentle introduction to computer systems, computer organization, and parallel computing. The book is intended for an audience that has only a CS1 background. It guides readers through a vertical slice of a computer to develop an understanding of a variety of systems topics, including:

  • how a computer runs a program, from a program expressed in a high-level language to low-level binary representation and circuits

  • programming in C and Assembly, assuming a CS1 background

  • introduction to operating systems and the systems costs that affect program performance (the memory hierarchy, caching, and code optimization)

  • introduction to parallel computing with shared memory and pthreads

A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology | Red Hat Developer

Appears to be a good intro the technology by @fatherlinux.

From Spoon & Tamago | japanese art, design and culture a book on Japanese Onomatopoeia.

A newly polished floor shines pika pika. But after all that hard work your stomach might be peko peko. These are just a few examples of Japanese onomatopoeia: an element of the language that makes it so richly nuanced. The Japanese language is said to have over four thousand, making it the most onomatopoeia-heavy language in the world. An ambitious new book has compiled one hundred of the most-common onomatopoeia, alongside illustrations from artists all around the world.