arturo claims to be a “Simple, expressive & portable programming language for efficient scripting”, written in Nim. It has an online playground, you can checkout an example.

It appears to be inspired by REBOL syntax.

A quick taste of the language shows some weird choices for syntax. eg: #[name: "Pradeep"] for dictionary, and { multiline comments}, and backticks for characters. feels like novelty for the sake of novelty.

The examples page has tons of example code in the language, which is always nice to see.

What i’m interested to find out is how they backup these claims:

Want to ship your scripts anywhere? For any operating system? Without weird dependencies and without asking the user to install an endless list of modules/gems/packages? That’s exactly what Arturo was designed for.


Don’t remember which library to import to get this super-fancy functionality you need? Cannot even get it to install? No worries! Arturo comes with pretty much anything you’ll most likely need to get started - included. Yep.