2021, week 23

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Almost done reading Louis L’Amour’s “Education of a wandering man”.

I’d like to read/write “Read all about X in a day” books. Inspired by this tweet by MorganHousel? about Freedom

“It’s insightful but short, to the point, and anyone can read it in a day. More books should copy this format.”

Got a subscription to LWN.net – $63/year after a discount. Usually it is $75/year. Good through June 8, 2022.

Couple of weeks ago renewed btbytes.com for 9 more years. Expiry date - 2030-07-10T02.

June 13, 2021 – Went to Spencer Farm in Noblesville, IN to pick raspberries and strawberries. $7/“pint” to pick your own berries. Not surprising considering cheap rates at the supermarkets are made possible by imported labour.

From around the web

  • pinboard-to-sqlite is a python tool to sync pinboard.in bookmarks into an sqlite database for offline usage. I intend to use this to generate this very section in future weeks, by writing a script that would spit out markdown for all the ‘posts’ saved with a #weekly tag. Update - 2021-06-19 DONE.

  • Float Exposed - Understand how Floats are represented internally by the computers; via lobste.rs

  • Calculus for Seven Year Olds [pdf]; via HN > The idea is to build “up to” calculus without using the word calculus. The 300+ page workbook from the 90s is a discovery based approach to arriving at Calculus.

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