Week 45, 2020

Published: 2020-11-10 Updated: 2020-11-13 by Pradeep Gowda.
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Meta Note

I have settled on this “weekly log” format (“%Y-w%U”) to capture ongoing things that are interesting in the long run as “breadcrumbs” of memory, but not “blog posts” or articles in themselves. “Working with the garage door up” is another habit I’m trying to develop, and hopefully these notes are a part of that.


Got “The book of life” by J Krishnamurti. It is setup as one observation per day spanning 365 days of the year. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday is another book that follows a similar format (366).


Texts.io is a markdown editor for Mac. I had purchased a license for $14.95 back in 2015. I never really used it much. Today (2020-11-10), I rediscovered it when running open against an .md file launched it. While it does have “WYSIWYG” features, the most useful things about it appear to be:

  1. understanding YAML headers

  2. WYSIWYG table editor, which is reason enough to keep using it to edit blog posts and such (like this one).

On the downside:

  1. it doesn’t appear to be suited for editing “fenced code blocks” using triple-backslashes and lost all code formatting when I tried it.

Typora doesn’t do YAML headers, but it does show YAML headers as plain text at the top. It’s table editor is pretty good with support for resizing tables and setting alignment on columns. But the biggest advantage over texts.io is its ability to handle code blocks including showing line numbers (via settings) on the code blocks.

OpenBSD Router

OpenBSD router guide and associated Discussion reminded me that I have to get back to putting OPNSense on my PCEngines apu4d4 unit I bought back in 2018.


2020-11-11 I dusted off my apu4d4, downloaded Opnsense, wrote the bits to a MicroSD card. Connected to the serial port from my MBAir using Serial app (under a 7 day trial). The settings for connecting are: 115200 baud, 8.N.1. Soon realized that I might need a more permanent disk to install the OS on. I do not want to install it on a MicroSD. Ordered a 32GB Dogfish MSATA SSD Disk. Should be able to continue this on Nov 13 or so. I’m excited to try out the ETPro telemetry Ruleset.

Goodbye, Adobe Flash

2020-11-11 Uninstalled Adobe Flash the MacBookAir. End of an era. I did quite a bit of Flash/ActionScript programming 2010-? for Enthenergy to display energy data on a dashboard. It was a productive GUI development environment. Perhaps the last time I did “desktop” application development. It was indeed a transistion/hybrid from pure desktop based application to web based applications. ActionScript3 wasn’t a bad language to program in as I remember. It felt even better than Java at that time.

Zig 0.7

2020-11-10 ziglang v0.7 came out this week. I started sponsoring the development of zig again, to the tune of $5/mo on their github sponsors page.

Java Oreilly Humble Bundle

2020-11-12 Found a couple of interesting books by browsing through the collection on O’reilly. I created a O’Reilly Play List that you can look at.

Everything is an X

Everything is an X is a good catalogue of programmers’s refrain “in Python everything is a dict”, “in Lisp, everything is an s-expression”.

From Around the web

Slava’s How I Read is latest in the series of well written blog posts. Some interesting takeaways from this post:

On Writing

David Perell, “The Writing Guy” has good and insightful takes on the practice of writing. Always something fresh to read on his twitter.

When you start writing, aim to publish consistently and never miss on follow-through. Once you’re experienced, aim to never miss on quality.

Happy Deepavali