Sustainable tech by The Rabbits

Published: 2020-05-17 by Pradeep Gowda.
Tagged: software

Came across The Rabbits via HN. Two tech folks who are building stuff in the way of “resilience and self-reliance using low-tech solutions.”. They appear to building most of their stuff in C99, ASM and JS.

Their Ronin project implements a browser based lisp interpreter, which can be used for making generative art. You can play with a program in the playground.

Dotgrid is a grid-based vector drawing software designed to create logos, icons and type. Like their applications, being able to drive the program with keystrokes seems like a feature I’d like to explore. I’m a total dummy when it comes to vector graphics. The simplicity of this tool might help exploration and learning.

Orca immediately brought to my mind Colorforth by Charles Moore.

Their minimalistic, prose-writing oriented editor Left makes me write my own text editor. I donated $5 and downloaded Left.

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