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Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Nov 04, 2023 Tagged: programming · commonlisp · makefile · javascript

Your Makefiles are wrong taught me some good tricks about writing make files.

“Move slow and make things.” – @stevelosh (on his twitter profile). I often think about that.

Steve’s A Road to Common Lisp is an excellent article that captures some of his thought process behind that “motto”. I particularly like the “Escaping the Hamster Wheel of Backwards Incompatibility” section.

If you desire to make things that are solving unusual and novel things, and you see the things you build last for years, if not decades, you have consider what technologies you put your time into. Steve chose Common Lisp, and I think its a solid choice.

Deno 1.0 was announced today. I’ve long ignored node.js, and the ecosystem around it primarily because I think the situation around node_modules is ridiculous. My hope for deno is that it can become a replacement for Python (and Go) for many tasks.

Common Lisp things:

Using a portacle instance instead of trying to configure my emacs installation to avoid the Omnibus configuration pattern.

Trying to familiarize myself with str library.

Common characters:

#\Space #\Newline #\Backspace #\Tab #\Linefeed #\Page #\Return

Spelled out: “Hash-Backslash-NAME” - #\Space.