PHP Programming Language

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25 years of PHP history a chronological story of PHP by JetBrains.

Jan 2019 Notes:

Success stories

Facebook’s backups were written in PHP. Well, the second version was, anyway. (T… | Hacker News

Multiprocess, forking, long-lived, server-side, I/O intensive PHP. And it worked brilliantly. Over the following years, it scaled from a backup set of a few hundred TB to many, many petabytes.


alekcz/pcp: PCP: Clojure Processor – Like drugs but better

Just use it like PHP on a webserver (say nginx):

    #new pcp config => change .php to .clj
    index index.clj index.html index.htm;
    #new pcp config => change .php to .clj
    location ~ \.clj$ {
        #default nginx config on digital ocean lemp image
        #include snippets/fastcgi-php.conf;
        #fastcgi_pass unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock;

        include scgi_params;
        scgi_intercept_errors on;

PCP has following libraries built in:

(require  '[cheshire.core :as json]
      '[clostache.parser :as clo]
      '[selmer.parser :as parser]
      '[selmer.filters :as filters]
      '[clj-http.lite.client :as client]
      '[next.jdbc :as jdbc]
      '[honeysql.core :as sql]
      '[honeysql.helpers :as helpers]
      '[postal.core :as email]
      '[clojurewerkz.scrypt.core :as sc])