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Nix + Rust

Running log

2022/11/27 MyNixOS (selfnote: account using github.) - Build and share reproducible software environments with Nix and NixOS.

2022/10/24 Blog posts on Nix at; and Using Nix on macOS


2019/02/24 Static Nix: a command-line swiss army knife.. looks promising to use even on systems where creeating /nix is not an option. Can run nix as an unprivileged user.

2019/10/14 bauer: an Emacs+Nix IDE

2019/11/11 Package a Django websiteacelpb/acelpb: Configuration for 2019/11/11 Nix for Python developers | Asko Soukka

2019/11/26 Nix recipes for Haskellers — Sridhar Ratnakumar

2020/02/29 Edit /etc/configuration.nix to add default packages. Run nixos-rebuild switch to update the system to match the configuration.

cron is not installed by default (because nix uses systemd timersand users not allowed to have crontab by default too! quelle surprise. To do that you have to edit the /etc/configuration.nix file do any thing.