Building programming media for novices

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Building programming media for novices.

Language Composition

  • the bootstrap project
    • algebra
    • physics
    • data science

language levels - flags - rethink modularity - subroutines - objects - classes - procedures - libraries/modules - languages

When you make an operation cheap, it changes how users perceive it.

joeerl: - ‘thread pools are a failure of a language’ - X-oriented programming -> x is cheap to make and user

make it cheap to create langauges

language oriented programming.

  • enrich what import does.
  • provides
    • language extensions
    • restrictions
    • closure over libs
    • and other first-order information.

flags are not composable.

inventing languages is natural, but programming langauges.. ad hoc, brittle implementations and unsafe composition.

seymor pappert - low floor and high ceilings.

#lang margrave - SAT SOlving, security policies

#lang scribble/base

new syntax - rhombus.

matthew flatt - macros are lightweight apis for compilers

“A programmable programmable language”

Runtime systems

state, threads, locks

morris hurley threads book


continuations [ primitive] - graceful terminations - longful computes

four contributions (“continuations from generalized stack inspection”) paper.

js -> js compiler –> stoppify compiler - stopify.org


  • scene graph
  • semantic prioritization
    • frequency

Error Messages

epistemical closure

Cohen’s kappa - take out the agreement by chance.