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For beginners: Kannada Kalike

From a by Stelo who is learning Kannada on his own:

  1. An Intensive Course in Kannada by Lingadevaru Halemane (CIIL, Mysore)
  2. भारतीय भाषा ज्योति कन्नड़ (CIIL, Mysore)
  3. कन्नड़ स्वयं बोधिनि (कन्नड़ अभिवृद्धि प्राधिकार)
  4. A Practical Key to the Kanarese Language

For those learning to learn more advanced Kannada, recommended by Stelo

  1. Zydenbos’ A Manual of Modern Kannada
  2. Spencer’s Kannada Grammar
  3. Halemane’s An Intensive Course in Kannada
  4. Jensen’s Grammatik der kanaresischen Schriftsprache
  5. Dr. Kalegoda’s भारतीय भाषा ज्योति कन्नड़
  6. Halemane’s Kannada A Self-Instructional Course (in 5+ languages)
  7. Andronov’s Язык каннада (this booklet is more of an overview of Kannada grammar than a full-fledged course).

One can refer Kittle dictionary which is available on online. Old and good one. I also use Champu nudigannadi for few words which were from Old Kannada literature. via