Emails for JAMStack hosted domains

How to forward an email to your jamstack hosted domain.

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Nov 25, 2023 Tagged: web · email · howto · jamstack

Scenario: You are hosting your static website (say on a JAMStack hosting provider. You want to receive emails to in another mailbox, say:


  1. I’m using to host a simple static website.
  2. I want to receive the emails sent to an address at that domain to my address
  3. I’m going to use ImprovMX to setup the forwarding.

Step 1: Create email alias on ImprovMX

Step 2: Get DNS configuration information

NOTE: You will also receive an email to reminding you of the DNS settings.

Step 3: Configure Zeit DNS

First list the current DNS entries known to Zeit on your account.

NOTE: now is the CLI clint of zeit. Install it with npm install -g now@latest.

$ now list dns
> Fetched 0 deployments under username [717ms]

Then add the MX entries:

$ now dns add "" '@' MX 10
> Success! DNS record for domain (rec_d1adb33fad0cd631f0859979) created under username [4s]
$ now dns add "" '@' MX 20
> Success! DNS record for domain (rec_b1cdb33bad3cd541f8858813) created under username [3s]

Step 4: Test Email delivery

Now the test the setup by sending email to and see it turn up in your other mailbox.

NOTE: by default * is forwarded to your other mailbox. You can login to ImprovMX’s dashboard to restrict forwarding to specific aliases to avoid spam.