Notes on Buffalo Go web framework

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Nov 04, 2023 Tagged: gobuffalo · golang · programming

Buffalo is a “full featured” web framework for golang. I wanted something more than simple “API” frameworks, because i’m planning to build a whole website and not just an API. It comes with it’s own command line tool called buffalo which can be installed via homebrew. I installed it via go get because I wanted to use sqlite instead of the default postgresql, at least till I actually need the bigger RDMSes.

New project is created via buffalo new PRJNAME. Immediately after you can start the local dev server by invoking buffalo dev, which would also compile javascript and CSS using webpack.

Buffalo’s default scaffolding ships with jquery, bootstrap, and SASS, which are then compiled by webpack. While this stack is probably good enough for many things, I want to use tailwindcss, HTMX, hyperscript and maybe alpinejs. Part of learning buffalo would be to figure out how to replace default options with mine.