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NOTE: When you can, prefer ASV over CSV – Text File formats – ASCII Delimited Text – Not CSV or TAB delimited text, especially  when you aren’t writing the files by hand. (Caveat: “UTF-8 won’t trip this since it is ASCII compatible. That is, any ASCII byte in valid UTF-8 encoded bytes corresponds to its ASCII codepoint, regardless of context. (All continuation bytes are at least 0x80 and all leading bytes for codepoints greater than U+007F are at least 0xC0, which makes the 0x1E and 0x1Fseparators safe.”) UTF-16 or UTF-32 on the other hand…)

Convert CSV to ASV: xsv fmt -t$'\x1f' one.csv > one.asv

Command line tools


  • Table Tool is a fast, open source, mac native application to open csv files. I have set this as my default CSV opener.

Web tools

Apache Metamodel

Apache Metamodel provides a common interface for discovery, exploration of metadata and querying of different types of data sources. Uniform connector and query API for CSV & data formats, relational databases, noSQL databases.

With MetaModel you use a type-safe SQL-like API for querying any datastore:

DataContext dataContext = DataContextFactory.create[TypeOfDatastore](...);
DataSet dataSet = dataContext.query()

The MetaModel query API allows you to use the power of SQL, even on data formats such as CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, NoSQL databases and more.