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Papers read as part of “Advanced Distributed Systems” - CSCI 60300, Fall 2013 class taught by Dr. Raje at IUPUI.

  1. Beugnard, Antoine, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Noël Plouzeau, and Damien Watkins. “Making components contract aware,” 1999. 32 (7); PDF.
  2. Beugnard, Antoine, Jean-Marc Jezequel, and Noel Plouzeau. “Contract aware components, 10 years after,” 2010.; PDF
  3. Tilak, Omkar J, and Rajeev R Raje. “Temporal interaction contracts for components in a distributed system,” 2007..; PDF
  4. Synchronization Level Specification and Matching of Software Components by A. Kumari, K. Pradhan, L. Gallage and R. Raje
  5. Trust Contract of a Service and its role in Trustworthy Service Selection by L. Gallege, D. Gamage, J. Hill and R. Raje
  6. Gamage, Dimuthu U, Lahiru S Gallege, James H Hill, and Rajeev R Raje. “A compositional trust model for predicting the trust value of software system qos properties,” 2012..; PDF
  7. Bracciali, Andrea, Antonio Brogi, and Carlos Canal. “A formal approach to component adaptation,” 2005. 74 (1).; PDF
  8. Multilevel Specification for Adaptive Service MS Thesis by S. Phatak .
  9. Lamport, Leslie. “Time, clocks, and the ordering of events in a distributed system,” 1978. 21 (7).; PDF
  10. Chandy, K Mani, and Leslie Lamport. “Distributed snapshots: Determining global states of distributed systems,” 1985. 3 (1).; PDF
  11. Dabrowski, Christopher, Kevin L Mills, and Stephen Quirolgico. A model-based analysis of first-generation service discovery systems, 2005..; PDF
  12. Pradhan, Ketaki A, Lahiru S Gallege, and Rajeev R Raje. “MDE-urds-a mobile device enabled service discovery system,” 2011..; PDF
  13. Han, Taekgyeong, and Kwang Mong Sim. “An ontology-enhanced cloud service discovery system,” 2010.. Vol. 1.; PDF
  14. Chandy, K Mani. “Caltech infospheres project overview: Information infrastructures for task forces,” 1996. 256.; PDF
  15. Foster, Ian, Carl Kesselman, and Steven Tuecke. “The anatomy of the grid: Enabling scalable virtual organizations,” 2001. 15 (3).; PDF
  16. Foster, Ian, Carl Kesselman, Jeffrey M Nick, and Steven Tuecke. “The physiology of the grid,” 2003.. PDF
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