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Cloudflare Functions

Trying Cloudflare Pages: Best Server Tech Since cgi-bin - Perf and other stuff has good intro into how to use Cloudflare Pages. Put .ts files into functions directory at the root of the git repo.


Wildebeest architecture – a discussion of their fediverse implementation.


How I built my blog with Cloudflare Products - Arjun Ganesan’s Blog

  • Cloudflare D1 as Database
  • Cloudflare R2 for File Storage to store images and docs
  • Cloudflare Pages for hosting static (html, css and js) files
  • Cloudflare Functions for rendering the blog content dynamically at the edge
  • Cloudflare Web Analytics for analytics
  • Cloudflare Access for securing the admin dashboard


Trying Out Cloudflare’s foundations Library for Rust - Casey Primozic; Apr 2024

foundations is a modular set of tools and utilities for building networked services/microservices in Rust. The idea is to provide a re-usable and common toolkit containing the common pieces of functionality you’ll need again and again when building server-side applications in Rust. These include features like logging, metrics, tracing, security, settings, and more