C Programming Langauge

The thing after A, and B.

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Why C?

“The Endurance of an Unmanageable Language” - Some Were Meant for C; via ATS As a Systems Programming Language.



Why not C?

C Is Not a Low-level Language - ACM Queue


People and blogs


  • cdecl; C gibberish ↔︎ English
  • ~sircmpwn/cstyle – style guidelines on the lines of “SHOULD” and “SHOULD NOT”s.

C libraries

Memory Management

C programming practices

Cool stuff

Programming Language Theory

we argue that the C standard does not allow Turing complete implementations, and that its evaluation semantics does not preserve typing. Finally, we claim that no strictly conforming programs exist. That is, there is no C program for which the standard can guarantee that it will not crash.


Safe C

A Tour of Xr0 - Xr0

Xr0 is a new verifier for the C programming language that eliminates many classes of undefined behaviour, such as use-after-frees (of which double frees are a special case), dangling and null pointer dereferences, memory leaks and the use of uninitialised memory. Most importantly, we believe Xr0 is on a clear trajectory towards enabling programming in C with no undefined behaviour whatever.