Ballerina programming language

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“Ballerina” Could Become the Programming Language of Integration - By dhanushka

Ballerina is a static typed language.

Another special type of variable is that “anydata” data type. This type is a union of the ()|boolean|int|float|decimal|string|(anydata|error)[]|map<anydata|error>|xml|table data types. anydata variables can be used in places where you expect pure values.

Since Ballerina specifically designed to construct apps operating on networks, it natively supports JSON and XML.

json user = {
         fname: "Peter",
         lname: "Stallone",
         "age": age,
         address: {
             line: "20 Palm Grove",
             city: "Colombo 03",
             country: "Sri Lanka"
xml x1 = xml `<book>The Lost World</book>`;



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