Multi Agent Frameworks

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Mar 25, 2024


Sora is the first large-scale generalist video generation model that garnered significant attention across society. Since its launch by OpenAI in February 2024, no other video generation models have paralleled Sora’s performance or its capacity to support a broad spectrum of video generation tasks. Additionally, there are only a few fully published video generation models, with the majority being closed-source. To address this gap, this paper proposes a new multi-agent framework Mora, which incorporates several advanced visual AI agents to replicate generalist video generation demonstrated by Sora.

Yuan, Zhengqing, Ruoxi Chen, Zhaoxu Li, Haolong Jia, Lifang He, Chi Wang, and Lichao Sun. “Mora: Enabling generalist video generation via a multi-agent framework,” 2024. Mora: More like Sora for Generalist Video Generation

Text To Video


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