Llama Index

a framework that helps LLM apps to ingest and access data sources.

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Nov 20, 2023 Tagged: llm

LlamaIndex is a flexible framework that enables LLM applications to ingest, structure, access, and retrieve private data sources. The end result is that your model’s responses will be more relevant and context-specific.

Tools: Data Ingestion, Data Indexing and Query Interface

Data Ingestion from existing data soruces and data formats - PDF, Docs, SQL to use with a LLM.

Data Indexing Store and index your data for different use cases. Integrate with downstream vector store and database providers.

Query Interface accepts any input prompt over your data and returns a knowledge-augmented response.

Kinds of Applications that can be built with LlamaIndex:

  1. Documents Q&A
  2. Data Augmented chatbots
  3. Knowledge Agents
  4. Structured analytics – Query structured data with natural language