High Performance Programming

Low level, high performance programming

Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Nov 04, 2023

Posts | Easyperf. See alsoBook: “Performance Analysis and Tuning on Modern CPUs”

Parallel Computing and Scientific Machine Learning (SciML): Methods and Applications; This book is a compilation of lecture notes from the MIT Course 18.337J/6.338J: Parallel Computing and Scientific Machine Learning.

Algorithms for Modern Hardware - Algorithmica.org Its intended audience is everyone from performance engineers and practical algorithm researchers to undergraduate computer science students who have just finished an advanced algorithms course and want to learn more practical ways to speed up a program than by going from O(nlog⁡n)O(nlogn) to O(nlog⁡log⁡n)O(nloglogn).

MIT 6.172 Performance Engineering of Software Systems, Fall 2018