Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Apr 11, 2024 Tagged: llm – The No-Code Generative AI Platform. Deploy custom AI Assistants, Chatbots, and Workflow Automations to make your company 10x more efficient.

Ray.IO - Productionizing and scaling Python ML workload – “Ray is an open-source unified compute framework that makes it easy to scale AI and Python workloads — from reinforcement learning to deep learning to tuning, and model serving.” See presentation Flexible Distributed Python for Machine Learning. See also Ray - Fine-tuned AI models for enterprise SQL Deploy fine-tuned LLMs for enterprise analytics. Speed up data analyses in SQL, Python and R with AI assistants and agents tailored for your business - without sharing your data; twitter; Cofounder: Rishab – Turn your Forms into Great AI Conversations; twitter; Siddish

Cohere – Optimized for enterprise generative AI,  search and discovery, and advanced retrieval.

modal labs – Run generative AI models, large-scale batch jobs, job queues, and much more. Eg: host your own mistral model etc. “Bring your own code — we run the infrastructure.”

LlamaIndex, Data Framework for LLM Applications – Connect your data with the industry-leading framework for LLMs:

  • loading
  • indexing
  • querying
  • evaluating

With applications like - Q&A, Structured Extraction, Chat, Semantic Search, and Agents.

LLaMa Index

Taylor - API for Text Classification – Proprietary text classifiers designed for speed. Classify all your text data in real time: every user SMS, every support ticket, and every document.

crewAI - Multi AI Agents systems. – “AI Agents reimagined for engineers”. Docs website. Core Concepts: Agentic Systems, Tasks, Tools, Processes and Crews.

Agenthub – “Automate any workflow with AI. Drag, drop, and deploy custom tools your business needs.”

Hercules – “Multi-Agent AI solutions that automate complex workflows. Transform complex workflows with Generative AI solutions built on the Hercules Platform.”

Get Coral – one more ‘chat with your PDF’ app.

Sedai: AI-Powered Cloud Cost Optimization and Performance Tuning

LLM API comapnies

  • Together AI – offers Inference, fine-tuning, custom-models, and GPU Clusters. eg: $1.20/million tokens of Mixtral-8x22B (Apr 11, 2024) (login:github )
  • Deep Infra – “Fast ML Inference, Simple API. Run the top AI models using a simple API, pay per use. Low cost, scalable and production ready infrastructure.” $0.65/Million tokens
  • Fireworks.AI “The production AI platform built for developers”; $0.9/M