Hello! My name is Pradeep Gowda . My email address is: <firstname> at btbytes.com .


35/ Where I get off Twitter, now known as X

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34/Sports Day Out

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33/where I dust off the weekly


Tpot on the terrace

generative ai meetup at Bengaluru

bengaluru , meetups

Alfred workflow to automate saving screenshots using ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to write an Alfred workflow

aflred , chatgpt , automation

My first Alfred workflow

A hotkey to create a bbedit note with contents of the clipboard

alfred , bbedit , automation , chatgpt

Some logo designs using DALL-E

Generated a few logos for this site using OpenAI's DALL-E 3

chatgpt , dall-e

On the calmness of blogs

bengaluru , blogging , philosophy

An exercise in mindfulness


You are my Paul Anka

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Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI and Large Language Models


Interesting Programming Languages , specifically OCaml Programming Language


Yakshaves , Unfinished Projects , Tufte Course notes . My notes from attending Edward Tufte 's one day workshop in Chicago; Aug, 2013


How do I spell my name phonetically? using the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.

Looking for a bare HTML Template to write a web page with decent typography, and centered layout?

btbytes DALL-E generated logo