Created: by Pradeep Gowda Updated: Jun 30, 2023 Tagged: 100-page-book

There is a niche for “small”ish books of about 100 pages that can be useful for

  • survey books
    • “what is there to know about X”
    • “what’s new in X since Y event/version/year”
  • deep dive into a niche topic
    • “asyncio in python and how it is used in web applications”
    • “asyncio in python and how it can be used in non-web settings”

These small books should also be formatted for easy consumption over phone/tablet screen.

Why would this be a book vs a blog post?

There are many blog posts that have lives longer than published books, papers and manuscripts. I think thinking of a book forces a certain structure on the author and the content. Secondly, even a self-published book (a downloadable PDF) obtains the sheen a “product” vs writing, which some might desire.

Some exampled I can think of in this genre: