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Monday, 2024-06-03 to Sunday, 2024-06-09

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Discovered Mise via DHH. Mise  is a polyglot tool version manager. It replaces tools like asdf, nvm, pyenv, rbenv, etc. I should probably continue to master nixos instead.

 Mise Install  
Mise install


Aumcoming: Meditations on a Sound by Amit Majmudar

Aum serves there as the let before the theorem, the sapient-incipient echo recapitulating the Big Bang in miniature. Just as Once upon a time primes the mind to receive a fairy tale, Aum primes the mind to receive transcendence and peace.

Continued to read “The Courage to be disliked”

Finished reading “Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts” by Ryan Holliday.


How to Build Anything Extremely Quickly - Learn How To Learn

How to Do Great Work

Generative AI

On Apple Intelligence:

How Meta trains large language models at scale - Engineering at Meta

Indexify - By Tensorlake is written in rust.

I want to bet on smaller models on being more transforming at large scale.