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Monday, 2024-05-27 to Sunday, 2024-06-02

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Did some housekeeping on Nayan’s website – removed jquery and bootstrap, updated fonts to Merriweather, now uses matcha.css, a semantic CSS framework, and a bit of basscss.

Still using Jekyll.

$ rbenv install 3.3.1
$ gem install bundler jekyll
$ gem update --system 3.5.10

$ bundle init
$ bundle add jekyll

Programming and Tech

Used ngrok for the first time. It is a very handy product. and an open source alternative - hookdeck (i haven’t tried this one yet). ngrok has a nice localhost web interface, and a cloud based dashboard that is fantastic.

An ode to PostgreSQL, and why it is still time to start over | CedarDB - The All-In-One-Database based on this paper Neumann, Thomas, and Michael J Freitag. “Umbra: A disk-based system with in-memory performance.” 2020. and The Umbra Database System – “Umbra is designed to process data at line-speed under all circumstances. In memory, we process hundreds of gigabytes per second while gracefully falling back to flash-based storage. Using data-centric code generation, parallel execution, and advanced query optimization techniques, Umbra executes the most complex queries with ease.”

Rekindled interest in Roc and Odin programming languages.

wsrv.nl An image cache & resize service. Manipulate images on-the-fly with a worldwide cache.

You pass the image URL and a set of parameters. wsrv.nl will then fetch the image, resize it, cache it and display it. The next time the request comes, it will serve the cached version.

usage: <img src="//wsrv.nl/?url=wsrv.nl/lichtenstein.jpg&w=300&h=300">

Generative AI

  • Dalal, Siddhartha, and Vishal Misra. “The matrix: A bayesian learning model for llms,” 2024. https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.03175. and the youtube video - LLM talk at MIT by Prof. Vishal Mishra (and as I found out, the founder of Cricinfo)

  • #todo have to check out Azure AI Studio on the recommendation of RRVR.

  • Veluri, Bandhav, Malek Itani, Tuochao Chen, Takuya Yoshioka, and Shyamnath Gollakota. “Look once to hear: Target speech hearing with noisy examples,” 2024. https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.06289.; via X

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