42/A children's play

Monday, 2024-05-06 to Sunday, 2024-05-12

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I logged off twitter (and made my account private) on Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 11pm.

Worked out of TWC, Kanakapura Rd on Friday, May 10th. It is a quiet place, with plenty of plugin points. It is also the closest TWC to me, though it was the first time I went there.

Took kids to dinner at Chianti in Forum South Mall on Saturday, May 11. Pretty good fare and service, the breads in India too flaky, and nothing like I’m used to at Italian restaurants.

Went to Ranga Shankara on Sunday, May 12 to watch “Beyond Hattamala” by Badal Sircar, a play adapted to English from the Bengali original. LYG found it entertaining. After that we took the metro again to go to JNR4BLK to eat at our old favourite - Nagarjuna. Quite a bit of walking that day. All in all, a nice way to celebrate Mother’s day.

Beyond Hattamala before the play started
Beyond Hattamala in English; May 12, 2024 at Ranga Shankara (before the play started)
Dose Camp Signal
Dose Camp Signal in Jayanagar 4th block, Bengaluru


Some interesting software I noticed this week.